In the pages that follow, embark on a journey into a realm where the unimaginable becomes reality, where the future unfolds before our very eyes. Welcome to “The Future is Here.”

These are extraordinary times we find ourselves in, where the trajectory of our lives has been altered in ways we never anticipated. The future of work, once a distant concept, has been thrust upon us with an unforeseen urgency, catalyzed by the disruptive force of Covid-19. What was once hypothetical has become our immediate reality, demanding swift and decisive action.

As the realms of Human Intelligence (HI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) converge, we are faced with two potential outcomes: shorter work days accompanied by greater income or shorter work days compensated at half pay. These alternatives carry profound implications at the individual, corporate, national, and global levels, shaping the destiny of our collective future.

Within the tapestry of possibilities lies the potential for an astonishing future, brimming with promise and opportunity. Yet, it is not without its perils. The path we tread upon, the outcome we carve, rests solely on the governance of this new era. The stakes are high, for almost everything we hold dear – our notions of work, jobs, training, and education – is being relentlessly challenged by exponential scientific and technological progress, while the lingering effects of Covid-19 continue to cast their long shadows.

In this era, dubbed the “End of Routine,” we stand at the precipice of a transformation that will surpass the cumulative changes of the past three centuries. The evidence is staggering, as a mere edition of the daily New York Times now contains more information than an average 17th-century Englishman would encounter in a lifetime. Our technology has evolved into a masterful custodian of data and information, seamlessly converting them into what we term as Artificial Intelligence (AI), although it is more aptly described as Intelligent Assistance (IA) in our current reality.

As we navigate the uncharted territories that lie ahead, it is imperative that we seek to comprehend the profound implications of these transformative forces. Brace yourself for a riveting exploration of the boundless possibilities that await us, where the fusion of human potential and technological prowess will redefine the very essence of our existence.

For what lies ahead is a future that holds both wonder and trepidation, and it is within our grasp to shape it into a world that transcends the limits of our imagination. The future is here, awaiting our stewardship.


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